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Speak of the Devil

Unveiling the Meaning and Examples of the Idiom “Speak of the Devil“ Introduction Language is a fascinating aspect of human communication, filled with idioms that

Unveiling the Meaning and Examples of the Idiom “Speak of the Devil


Language is a fascinating aspect of human communication, filled with idioms that add color and depth to our conversations. One such idiom that often piques curiosity is “Speak of the devil.” In this article, we will delve into the meaning behind this intriguing phrase and explore a variety of examples to better understand its usage. So, let’s dive right in!

The Idiom Explained

The idiom “Speak of the devil” is an expression commonly used when someone appears just after being mentioned or when a situation or event happens coincidentally. It is typically employed to acknowledge the surprise or unexpected arrival of the person or subject being talked about.

Usage and Examples

  1. Scenario: Imagine you’re discussing a colleague who is notorious for being late to meetings, and suddenly they walk into the room.
    • Example: “Speak of the devil, here comes John, right on time.”
    • Explanation: In this context, the phrase acknowledges the coincidental appearance of John, emphasizing his tendency to arrive late.
  2. Scenario: You’re attending a social gathering and talking about an old friend who you haven’t seen in years. Suddenly, they show up at the event.
    • Example: “Oh, speak of the devil! Look who just walked through the door!”
    • Explanation: By saying “speak of the devil” in this situation, you express surprise and amusement at the unexpected arrival of your long-lost friend.
  3. Scenario: Your friend is complaining about a particular celebrity’s recent behavior, and coincidentally, that celebrity appears on TV.
    • Example: “Just when we were discussing his latest controversy, speak of the devil, there he is on the screen.”
    • Explanation: Here, the idiom highlights the irony of the celebrity’s immediate appearance after being the topic of conversation.
  4. Scenario: You’re sharing an interesting story about a family member, and at that very moment, they enter the room.
    • Example: “Speak of the devil, my brother walks in right as I’m telling everyone about his adventure.”
    • Explanation: This usage highlights the uncanny timing of the family member’s arrival, perfectly complementing the story being narrated.


The idiom “Speak of the devil” adds a touch of intrigue and surprise to our daily conversations. Its usage signifies the unexpected arrival of someone or something just as they are being discussed. By incorporating this idiom into your conversations, you can infuse them with a dash of humor and playfulness. Remember, idioms are an essential part of language, enriching our communication and making it more captivating. So, go ahead and embrace the idiom “Speak of the devil” in your everyday speech, and watch as it sparks curiosity and amusement among those around you.


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